Compile and Run PeopleCode Online

There are many times where I come across some sample PeopleCode on the internet and I want to execute the PeopleCode in my environment to see the output.  The route I take to test drive some PeopleCode usually involves me opening up an existing object in App Designer, pasting in the sample code, and then going to the PIA to see the results.  I find this process rather tedious to perform just to see the output of some sample code.  Not to mention, I have to make sure I go back into App Designer and clean up the object I modified.  More often than not, I already have a PeopleSoft session open in my web browser when I am exploring PeopleCode online.  So what I decided to do was build an online utility for compiling and running PeopleCode directly in the PIA.  In this post, I will share this helpful utility for anyone that is interested in this functionality.

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